With the cricket games already hitting up, Mickey Arthur said that the one day squad of Pakistan should improve their performances on the T20 to secure an automatic spot for the World Cup. Otherwise, their team will be placed on the chopping block.

Struggles at the Ageas Bowl

The last game played by the Pakistan team was hard for them since they were beaten comfortably by the England team at the Ageas bowl at the opening of the One Day Internationals. This game was brought to an early conclusion when rain poured over the competing grounds or stadium. Arthur pointed out the struggles of the Pakistan players including those who did not gave satisfactory performances resulting to the heart cringing loss of the team.

Opportunity to the Younger Players

According to Arthur, he has already talked to the players about the current circumstances they are facing. He said that he told the players which are over 30 to bring more to the table and give the best performance for the ball by ball they can give. Otherwise, he will give more opportunity to the younger players to experience the games. Such thing should be done because everybody knows that no one is one hundred percent safe on the one day internationals.

ball by ball

Building the Team

Arthur also added that he has already done scanning through each of the team members the other night. He looked for team members of the Pakistan group who have the potential to fulfil the roles they need as well as those he thinks can evolve into strong players when brought into the table more often. They currently have 15 players on the competition and Arthur wants them to be a part of the ODI squad in moving forward. Arthur also said that he warned all the players of the team, saying that they will building a team who can compete for Pakistan in a span of one to two years and the team will be composed of highly competent players who can give the best they have.

The lack of power hitters was also stressed by Arthur saying that it is the primary reason why the Pakistan team did not hit a six during the Ageas bowl.

To Release the Full Potential

However, Arthur stressed out the high potentials that the team has. He said that each one of the players included in the team has their own strengths that they need to bring out into the table in order to achieve their desired victory. They only need to be brave and strong enough to do it.